Wentzell Engineering Limited

WEL: Engineering Design Services

Electrical engineering BlueprintWEL provides electrical and mechanical engineering consulting services to a diverse clientele in Atlantic Canada. Our relatively small size allows WEL to provide excellent customer service at very competitive rates.

WEL specializes in offshore, marine, manufacturing and process industries. Whether your requirements are...

  • Electrical Engineering & Design:
    • Building Services;
    • Short circuit analysis;
    • Power flow and protective device coordination;
    • Motor controls; and
    • Automation & Instrumentation.
  • Mechanical Engineering & Design:
    • Failure Analysis
    • Lifting devices & Cranes;
    • Material handling systems (e.g. conveyors);
    • Machine Design;
    • Motion/Dynamic Simulation & Finite Element Analysis;
    • Reverse Engineering & Customization.

...WEL has the experience to deliver.