Ryan Grimm

Ryan Grimm - Wentzell Engineering

Ryan Grimm, P. Eng., CFEI, CVFI, WETT
President and Senior Mechanical Engineer


A Professional Engineer with nearly 12 years experience ranging from design to forensics in industrial, commercial, residential and motor vehicle environments. He regularly conducts Fire Origin and Cause investigations, Mechanical and Electrical Appliance Failure Analysis, Plumbing Systems analysis, Heating System Examinations, Vehicle Accident Analysis/Reconstruction, 3-Dimensional Solid Modeling and Finite Element Analysis.

Mark Wentzell

Mark Wentzell - Wentzell Engineering

Mark Wentzell, P. Eng., CFEI, CVFI, WETT
Senior Electrical Engineer


A Professional Engineer with more than 33 years experience in design, troubleshooting and forensics. Mark provides expertise in Fire Origin and Cause, Electrical, Control System and Appliance Failure Analysis and Contract Disputes. Experienced in Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Marine, Motor Vehicle and Oil & Gas Applications. Expert qualified in all levels of Court in the provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. Experience in international files in the UK and USA.

Rick Fifield

Richard Fifield - Wentzell Engineering

Rick Fifield, CD. P. Eng., rmc, CFEI, CVFI, WETT
Senior Electrical Engineer


A Professional Engineer with 15 years of practical experience providing solutions in private sector and with the Royal Canadian Navy. He has undergone extensive training for Fire Origin and Cause investigations, Electrical and Appliance Failure Analysis. Well versed in electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and automotive systems.

Mason Croucher

Mason Croucher - Wentzell Engineering

Mason Croucher, CET
Electrical Technologist

Mason has been with WEL for approximately 6 years. He provides services related to Electrical Instrumentation & Control Systems, including system design and product selection, troubleshooting, machinery control and instrumentation system upgrades and Project Management.