Why Choose Us?

Wentzell Engineering has built its forensic engineering business using only qualified and highly trained professional engineers. Our engineers are on the ground attending scenes to gather important data to allow them to develop and test hypotheses regarding origin and cause.

We choose this model versus having the data collected by others only to consult with an engineer, when and if required, to assist in completing a file. This is our way of ensuring nothing is missed and provides our investigators with a ‘first hand view’ of the scene versus through the eyes of others.

We recognize that data collection has to be flexible. By this we mean that finding a particular piece of data will sometimes require enhanced collection pertaining to a particular aspect of a scene not normally considered. How can this be done in situations where the necessary expert is not on the scene to recognize it and take corrective action? We realize that in our role there may only be “one kick at the can” with respect to scene access for data collection.

We choose professional engineers that have hands-on experience and have a practical approach to problem solving, understand how things work and perhaps more importantly, how they can fail. We choose professionals that do not mind digging in and getting their hands dirty, safely doing what is necessary to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. We believe this provides us with the most competitive offering to our clients.

Did you know that professional engineers spend 4-5 years in university where they are continually exposed to problem solving using scientific and engineering principles? Following graduation, another 2-4 years of mentored engineering-based experience is required before being eligible to carry the seal of a professional engineer.

In the case of Wentzell Engineering, the training never stops. We provide training on a yearly basis to ensure our expert engineers are knowledgeable in the most current technologies for the services we offer. We do not take on work in fields that we do not have the expertise in and, where necessary, openly discuss any issues or concerns with our clients before committing to an assignment. This minimizes times when a client might have to go elsewhere to acquire more expertise after the fact.

So, whether your requirements are determining the root cause of an accident or failure, fire origin and cause or standard of care our team of experts are there to provide you with the professional services you deserve.

Our Equipment

At Wentzell Engineering we have the equipment necessary to do the job right. From our fleet of drones to our portable X-ray imaging equipment to our 3-D scanners for creating 3-D models of fire scenes, we have the necessary tools and training to assist in our service offering.

  • X-ray Imaging: provides the ability to non-destructively examine equipment to determine if it experienced a failure. Our equipment is portable and may be transported for use in the field if the equipment that needs to be examined cannot be brought to us.
  • Stereo microscopy
  • 3D Scanning: Using our 3D camera we build a model of structures and vehicles that can be explored from the comfort of your desk chair using your computer, phone or tablet.
  • Drone Certification: allows us to capture aerial photographs and video for fire scene examination, accident reconstruction or large industrial failures. It also provides the ability to conduct a visual inspection for hazard assessment.
  • Large, well-equipped shop for product examinations/evaluations, testing and mock-ups: allows us to provide a spacious and comfortable environment for joint examinations and testing. Small-scale ignition and flammability tests can be conducted inside under our fume extraction hood.
  • Heated storage for evidence: minimizes further degradation of evidence due to excess moisture, variations in ambient temperature, condensation, etc.

We have been told that we are the first forensic engineering company in Canada to offer Matterport 3D modeling technology in fire origin and cause investigations, a technology that allows our clients and the Courts to virtually walk through fire scenes from the comfort and cleanliness of their offices.

Other equipment includes:

  • A Metallurgical Lab complete with grinder/polisher, stereo and inverted microscopes.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Fume hood for test burns
  • Various power supplies including 3-phase, 600V, 480V, 208V and single phase 240V and 120V to allow for testing a multitude of systems/machines
  • Data Logging equipment for recording critical experimental data
  • Large assortment of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and hand tools
  • Oxy-acetylene and electric arc welding equipment
  • Forklift

Our Facility

Our facilities include a total of more than 10,000 square feet for offices, labs, shop and storage located on our property just outside of Bridgewater on Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore. We are a one-hour drive from Halifax and approximately one-hour and twenty-minute drive from the Halifax-Stanfield International Airport. In addition to our offices and large shop, our facility includes a comfortable 12-person conference room complete with multimedia capabilities for telephone conferencing, in-person meetings and training.

Our Reputation

Since 1991, Wentzell Engineering Limited has been providing professional expert services in forensic engineering. Our reputation is the primary factor that has spawned our growth. We have a reputation for professional and unbiased work. We firmly believe that although our findings/opinions are not necessarily what our clients were hoping to hear, it is what they want to hear – unbiased opinions based upon sound engineering principals from experienced professionals.

At Wentzell Engineering Limited, we generously participate in charitable functions. It is one way in which we give back to the industry and society in general.

Our Experience

Wentzell Engineering started in 1991 evolving from a design firm to forensic engineering leader primarily servicing the insurance industry. We have experienced slow growth by design versus opportunity. We chose this method to ensure we could maintain our high standards by ensuring we have only qualified and experienced experts.

Although somewhat of a rarity these days, our firm has solid experience in all levels of Court primarily through the work of Mark Wentzell. Mark has been qualified as an expert witness on numerous occasions in the provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. He has also been involved in international litigation files in Europe and USA.

Our Training

Our expert engineers have several years of experience before joining our company; however, they all undergo extensive training after joining our company before performing solo work for clients. This process is extensive and costly, typically taking a year from when they start with Wentzell Engineering Limited. The training includes attending scenes with our more experienced engineers, observing joint examinations, participating in online specialized training and attending formal seminars/courses. We invest in the vast majority of this training period and, as with all of our work, clients are only charged for value added services.

Our Diversity

Through our expert staff, Wentzell Engineering Limited offers a wide array of in-house services from fire origin and cause determination, failure analysis relating to mechanical and electrical systems and components, plumbing system failures, metals and materials failures and accident reconstruction. Through our network of associates, we offer civil/structural and building envelope expertise. This wide array of services provides our clients with a single source for the vast majority of their forensic engineering requirements.